I Love King’s Harvest!

I got involved with King’s Harvest Women and Children Homeless Shelter about 3 years ago. I’ll be honest in admitting that I only began volunteering¬†with them because it was required for a social work class that I was taking, but I ended up loving it and continued to volunteer for months after the class ended. Volunteering at the shelter opened my eyes to the suffering that often goes unacknowledged in Davenport, and I wanted to help as much as I could.

Through volunteering, I learned that the shelter has many components, including the women and children’s shelter, the overflow shelter during the winter, hot meals, and much, much more. I also learned that the shelter is constantly struggling to keep up with providing shelter, food and clothing for the homeless in Davenport. What was most disheartening for me is that many of the people King’s Harvest serves are children, and sometimes the shelter can’t provide enough for these kids, and that breaks my heart. The shelter is always looking for donations of clothing, money, and volunteer time. I know that many people are oftentimes freaked out by the idea of volunteering in a homeless shelter, but the people there are just like you and me, they just need a little extra help currently. Also, if you’re not religious, don’t worry about any kind of awkward situations while helping out at the shelter. The workers at the shelter are simply grateful that you’re willing to give of your time and energy, so don’t let the fact that the shelter is based in Christian beliefs freak you out. It’s a pretty awesome no-judgment zone there!

If you truly think that volunteering isn’t your thing, you can always donate old clothes or send some money their way. I’ve seen first hand what this shelter does for the homeless in Davenport, and it’s very worth supporting. Homelessness has become just another part of life for most of us. We see the people lining up for meals at the shelters but it doesn’t phase us enough to do something. I’m encouraging you to do something today; care for your fellow man right here in your own community and check out King’s Harvest Ministries!