writing prompt 1

I’m starting to write a little bit everyday, and I’m using writing prompts from others and from myself to improve my writing and storytelling skills. When an idea pops in my head, I try to write a short blurb about it before the idea dissipates, so this blog will be where I keep track of my very short stories. Here’s my first one:

Source: my brain
Prompt: a woman hates her job and daydreams about quitting

Maria sat quietly at her desk, staring blankly at her computer screen. She was supposed to be working on paperwork, but her mind had drifted off several minutes ago. She found herself incredibly unhappy in that moment, staring at her computer, wondering why she continues to come to a job she despises, day after day. Maria regularly imagined what it would be like to tell her boss that she was quitting. She was waiting to find another job before quitting, but every day was beginning to drag by more slowly than the last, and she hadn’t had an interview in months. She felt a sense of urgency and extreme anxiety while at work, and she needed to escape.

Maria’s phone rang and she slipped into the stairwell to answer the call. It was a lady calling about a job that Maria had applied for weeks ago and she wanted to schedule an interview. She was so overcome with joy at having an interview scheduled that she marched into her boss’ office, told him to go fuck himself, and then she walked out. Luckily for her, she was offered the position that she interviewed for, and she lived in relative happiness for the next few years.

Maria’s phone rang, snapping her out of her delusion and bringing her back to the reality that she was still sitting at her miserable desk in her miserable cubicle. She was stuck. No interviews, no job offers, no relative happiness, no happiness at all.

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