Cooking and Baking Challenge

I love cooking and baking. There, I said it. Despite the fact that my husband and I try to share the duties of being in a marriage and owning a home, the kitchen is my domain. I voluntarily cook dinner every night and I love to try new recipes, especially from other cultures. I also make a mean apple spice cupcake, along with some other sweets. One of my favorite things Tyler and I do is crack open a beer or pour some wine and talk while I make dinner. It’s so relaxing, and he’s actually very helpful most nights! I genuinely enjoy creating meals and treats that we can enjoy together.

Now that I’ve given you that spiel, I’ll get to the point. I’m creating a cooking and baking challenge for myself. By the New Year, I want to have attempted to make the following dishes/treats:

  • cheese börek (a Turkish pastry that is simply amazing)
  • bienenstich cake (“Bee Sting Cake”; a German cake that has made me reconsider my hatred of almonds)
  • shepherd’s pie
  • chicken tikka masala
  • custard tart

I know that’s not a lot of things to have to attempt, but some of them are elaborate and/or completely foreign to me right now, so I think five dishes in two months (while working and completing my MBA) is a good start. I’ll post pictures as I make progress through the list. Wish me luck!